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At Source we are Passionate about Procurement. 

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At Source we truly are Passionate about Procurement!

With the challenges to meet global packaging's sustainability targets and the uncertain economy to come; one certainty prevails. Business will need to drive efficiency like never before.

At Source we will assist the development of a strategic approach to the corporate procurement, material and financial management process for the purchase of direct and indirect goods and services.

We will lead and direct the procurement of goods and services for the client; assist Procurement team members with procurement processes, change and budget responsibility to leave your procurement function equipped for the challenges ahead.

Our key objective is to drive cost from your business spend without impacting the quality of your product or service.



We rigorously categorise and prioritise your business spend; capacity plan infrastructure and storage; and analyse your procurement; planning and logistics strategies.  This is our first stop with you; a full analysis package will signpost immediate inefficiencies and map a cost reduction plan.  Our processes are fully transparent to you and your team with all information reviewed for your critique and decision. ​


We will consult into your business to train your people and implement the structures; polices; procedures and budgetary responsibilities to leave your business with a fully functional professional metric driven procurement function. 


We research, research, research to tender, negotiate and contract on your behalf.

We conduct all work related to tendering across your spend, and deliver to you all completed tenders for your decision. 

We use our network of contacts to match you with strategic partnerships that will add value to your business.

Each tender will be competitive and fully transparent.  

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